Bradley Airport Parking

Parking map of Bradley Airport. Source: Best Parking.

There are 8 Bradley Airport parking stations and 3 excellent remote facilities that passengers at Bradley airport will want to consider. Spending just a few short minutes learning the airport parking layout will help you to easily find a great parking space and keep you moving smoothly on your trip.

According to J.D. Power and Associates’ airports review,  fewer than 10 million passengers fly through Bradley International Airport (BDL) annually. Despite the comparatively light traffic, parking at Bradley airport has always been an issue. In the last few years, improving Bradley airport parking has been relentlessly worked on. 

Bradley airport parking on-site is actually well-placed and can be conveniently accessed via walkways or by free shuttle service. Very close to terminal A are two parking garages – the Short-term Garage and the Long-term Garage. Lot B is another short-term parking lot just a few minute’s walk from the terminals. Four more long-term parking lots are available via the airport’s shuttle service.

Parking at the Short-term garage and Lot B at Bradley is at $2.50 for every half hour and $4.50 for every 1 hour. Daily parking at Lot B costs slightly lower at $16 than at the Short-term Garage, which has a daily rate of $24. The best parking use for either of these locations is for short 1-3 hour stay the airport.

BDL Airport Parking Hub

On-airport, a number of daily parking options is in the Long-term Garage and in Lots 1, 3, 4 and 5B. The Long-term Garage is just a few meters away and has the best half hour ($2.50) and hourly ($4.50) rates, or a maximum of $20 for every 24-hour period. 7 days parking here would set you back $140. The most economical rates are in lots 1, 3, 4, and 5B which can be reached via shuttle service. All of these locations have an hourly rate of $4. Lot 1 has a daily rate of $11 and a weekly rate of $77. Lot 3’s daily rate is $8, with a weekly rate of $53. Lot 5B has the best rates, currently at $6 daily and $42 weekly.

Off-site BDL parking garages and lots can save you a tidy amount with their enticing discounts and promo offers. Two topnotch parking facilities that I can think of right now are FastTrack on the Ella Grasso Turnpike and Park Shuttle & Fly on Elm St. They do offer free shuttle service on demand all day long 7 days a week. The ’Stay Park Fly’ arrangement provided by most nearby hotels is a very cost-effective option, also. Clarion Inn and Suites, for instance, offers complimentary parking for up to 15 days, with standby shuttle service, starting at $89 per night. They’re open for business on Bridge St – just 4 miles from Bradley.

Bradley airport parking need not be a difficult task for you. Simply do a basic research to know more about your choices. Always confirm rates with off-airport facilities for the best deals they offer. You’re bound to find a solution that works best for you if you  keep looking.

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Manchester NH Airport Parking

Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT). Photo: HVS Global Consulting.

Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT) is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, about 50 miles north of Boston. MHT is New England’s fourth busiest airport serving over 3,000,000 travelers annually. There are approximately 7,000 Manchester NH airport parking spots in service, at this time. The following are some of the most popular MHT airport parking choices:

Hourly Parking

MHT Airport’s short-term parking Lot A is located in front of the main airport terminal. It’s the most accessible location but it’s also the the least budget-friendly at $3 per hour with a maximum of $24 for every 24 hours. There’s no overnight parking in this lot and there’s a vehicle height restriction of 6’9” so tall vehicles like buses, RVs, and trucks will not be able to park here. This facility is ideal for quick 3-5 hour stays at the airport.

Daily Parking

The Daily Parking Garage is accessible from the terminal through an elevated pedestrian walkway. This garage has about 4,800 Manchester NH airport parking spaces available to passengers. The parking rate here is $17 per day or $85 weekly.

MHT Long-term Parking

Long-term parking at Manchester Airport is available at Lots C, D, E, F & G. These facilities can be reached via free shuttle service provided by the airport. The cost for daily parking is $10 which is best for travelers looking for inexpensive MHT airport parking.


Manchester Airport Parking on HubPages

Cell Phone Lot

Another short-term Manchester NH airport parking option is the cell phone parking lot. This free lot is on Ammon Dr right next to the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower and the parking garage. It’s a convenient waiting area for drivers who are picking up passengers and are just waiting until the passengers have deplaned. As soon as the passengers have collected their baggage they can call the driver to the terminal curb for pick-up.

Park, Stay, and Fly

There are a number of hotels very close to the airport that provide Manchester NH airport parking. A great example would be the Best Western Executive Court Inn & Conference Center on Willow Street, just a few minutes drive from the main terminal. Hotel patrons will not be charged for parking throughout the duration of their stay. However, for all other parties who want to park at the hotel’s parking lot the  charge would be $6 per day.

If you check in at the hotel for at least one night at the start or when you arrive from your travel, the reduced Park & Stay rate is $4 per day for the duration of your trip when you aren’t renting a room. Of course, for the nights that you’re staying at the hotel , parking is free – regular room rate starts at $99 per night. For a 30-day trip, a one night stay at the hotel to get the reduced parking rate is probably your best parking option.

As we can see with these facilities – from the cell phone lot to the airport hotel parking packages – there are great Manchester NH airport parking options to go with. So get right to it and reserve your ticket from MHT airport and if possible, book your parking spot, as well – it’s not a tough choice to make.

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JFK Parking – Smart JFK Parking App Review

New York Kennedy Airport’s AirTrain. Photo: Paul Lowry on Flickr.

Gone were those days when people looking for parking coupons have to scour countless glossies and broadsheets to get the prized (but often pitifully small) discount coupon. These days, passengers trying to find the best bargains and reduced rates for parking at JFK Airport just have to go online for a few minutes, choose from the impressive line-up of parking alternatives, pay for and guarantee their parking long before their scheduled flight.

With the internet, people now have the ability to pinpoint the ideal parking at JFK Airport and to reserve that choice easily, with nothing more than a few mouseclicks – no calls or trips needed. Nothing can be better than this, right? Wrong. The Smart JFK Parking app just upped (no pun intended) the ante and made placing parking reservations easier and more convenient than ever before.

Launched by SmartPark JFK, a top-notch parking provider at JFK airport, the ‘Smart’ app enables users to simply go to the SmartPark mobile site and reserve JFK Airport parking even without access to a PC or laptop through their cell phones only. Announced last fall, the Smart mobile app promises to be a next-level customer service application targeted at the typically rushed New Yorkers.

“Today, more than ever, choices are plentiful but great service is not,” quips Adam Smith, Operations Director at SmartPark JFK. The Smart Park JFK mobile app “exemplifies SmartPark JFK’s broader commitment to the consumer, always thinking of ways to improve the customer’s experience.”

The main advantage of this app, naturally, is the PC-less easy reservation function. It also features online hosting which means that, unlike other travel apps, there’s no need to buy the app or to download any client to your mobile phone. Since it is hosted on SmartPark JFK’s servers, it won’t be eating up a lot of your phone’s battery time.

The Smart app is quite well-received among the most tech-savvy 25-42 age bracket and also gaining some users among the over 50 age brackets. SmartPark JFK estimates that approximately 10% of all JFK long-term parking reservations are done via the Smart app.

The obvious disadvantage to this app that immediately comes to mind is that it restricts the choices of the traveler. All mobile reservations are limited to SmartPark JFK’s in-house parking services exclusively. This isn’t exactly an onerous arrangement – users with very limited time can conveniently reserve their parking space in just a few minutes from anywhere basically as long as they have their mobile phones with them. In comparison, it would require about 10 minutes minimum to compare the various alternatives, if they’re able to see the rates of the other facilities providing parking at JFK Airport. The SmartPark JFK facility in Queens has just recently opened for business and offers some of the most budget-friendly rates in the industry.

However, if you have the inclination, try to see the services and rates that the competing parking sites and hotels near the airport are offering. Whether you’re using the Smart app or your old laptop for searching, the goal is to find the cheapest airport parking or the  best bargains out there – there’s plenty of these, as you probably know – and place your reservation in advance.  See what other customers are saying about the facility you’re planning to use. Apps and laptops are excellent tools when you’re on the lookout for the ideal parking at JFK Airport but in the end, it’s the experiences (in regard to these facilities)  of travelers like you that may be the best gauge.

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LaGuardia Airport Parking Alternatives for the Savvy Manhattanite

Parking Garage at LaGuardia Airport. Photo: Francesco Mucio on Flickr.


There are 7 LaGuardia Airport parking facilities and about 3 large remote parking locations open to all travelers using LGA. If you’ve made the effort to familiarize yourself a bit with the airport layout and to reserve your space in advance, parking at LGA Airport shouldn’t be that difficult at all.       

The airport-run parking structures are located strategically near the terminals: site 1 (parking lot) and site 2 (garage) are both very accessible to the Central Terminal Building; site 3 (for LGA long-term parking) is just a few meters away from the CTB and the US Airways Terminal; parking sites 4 and 5 are located near the Delta Airways building; and finally, LaGuardia Airport parking lots 6 and 7 and the metered parking lot are close to the Marine Air Terminal.

LGA, sadly, has earned a reputation for incessant flight delays – it was voted as the worst airport in the U.S. last year due to this problem – a 180 degrees reversal of a previously sterling reputation – in 1960, La Guardia was voted as the best airport in the world by the flying community, at the time. Nonetheless, it’s closer to Manhattan than EWR or Kennedy, which is the main motivation for busy Manhattanites to continue using it. With more than 20 million passengers using the  airport every year, LaGuardia Airport parking can be a bit difficult particularly around the holidays.

LGA Airport Parking on HubPages

Short-term parking at LaGuardia Airport Lots 1,4,5,6, and 7 has a rate of $3 for the first 30 minutes and $3 for every hour after the initial 2 hours, with a daily maximum of $33. To emphasize, these are short-term parking rates and should only be used if you are parking for no more than 1-2 hours at the airport. These lots allow for parking of up to 1 month, but no long-term parking rate reductions are provided.

Parking lot 3 is the only lot designated for long-term LGA parking. The parking fees here are slightly lower at $66 for the first 48 hours and $6 for each succeeding 8 hours. These fees are closely similar to those in practically every large airport in the US, but it obviously would still be outrageously expensive to park your car at this so-called long-term parking lot, if you’re looking at a month-long trip.

In my opinion, the only viable alternatives for long-term LaGuardia Airport parking are the ones provided by the off-airport parking facilities. These are efficient and quality service garages and lots operated by companies who are quite experienced in the airport parking industry. There’s Avistar on 23rd Ave, Dollar airport parking on 94th St, and AirPark along Ditmars Blvd, to mention a few. For a seven day trip, parking would be anywhere from $119 to $170 with AirPark offering the cheapest rate. Before you book your parking space, be certain that you have the most updated rates by visiting their site or by calling them directly. It might also help to find out about shuttle or valet service, promotions, discounts, coupons, and reduced rates for certain types of payment.

LaGuardia Airport parking should be a priority in your travel check list, if you’ve chosen to use LGA for its easy access from Manhattan. Finding a good parking spot at LaGuardia is not difficult at all if you’re aware of your alternatives. Don’t forget to place your reservation and have a hassle-free trip.

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Newark Airport Parking – Steps To Economize on Airport Parking Costs

Newark Liberty Airport parking (on-site) map. Map courtesy of:

Newark Airport parking can sometimes be very frustrating to the ill-prepared traveler because of the sheer volume of people converging on the airport. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), along with JFK International Airport (New York Kennedy), and LaGuardia International Airport (LGA), comprises the largest airport grid in the U.S. The EWR-JFK-LGA airports system, which is the main air transport hub in the metropolitan New York-New Jersey area, is next only to the London airport network worldwide, in terms of the total volume of travelers handled every year. In 2009, over 35,000,000 flyers passed through EWR.

There are more than 17,000 Newark Airport parking spots serving airport crews, passengers, and the public at large. This total includes long-term, hourly, and daily parking, both inside the airport complex and at remote private locations. Parking at Newark Airport is uncomplicated and easy, once you know your options.

At $3 for 30 minutes or $6 for every succeeding hour (with a daily cap of $33), short-term EWR parking is provided at Newark Airport parking lots A, B, and C. This is actually the best and easiest option – the lots are located very close to the main terminal – if you’re only sending off or meeting a family member and will be at the airport for no more than 1 or a couple of hours tops.

Find out more at EWR Airport Parking on HubPages

For longer parking options, 3 nearby Newark Airport parking facilities offer daily parking arrangements, which are definitely less expensive than the hourly rates mentioned above. Parking daily at lots P1 and P3 is $24. Daily parking at the airport garage called P4 is slightly more costly at $27. This is still a good choice because of the close proximity of those facilities, particularly if you’ll be on the road for no longer than a day or two.

Planning a longer trip? If you’re taking a 7-day Florida vacation, for instance, Newark Airport long-term parking is definitely your best choice. EWR offers a long-term economy parking lot (P6), just a few minutes away via shuttle transportation at the airport’s northeast perimeter on Port St. Parking at P6 costs only $18 per day, which is really still expensive, particularly if you’re looking at a 2-3 weeks travel itinerary.

Another option, if you’re trying to meet a budget on your airport parking costs, are the off-airport parking lots and garages. There are several nearby premium parking facilities that you might want to check out, like the FastTrack and Avistar lots along Carnegie Ave and the Avistar and AirPark facilities along McClellan St. These are well-maintained parking garages and lots serviced by free shuttle transportation running in a few minutes interval, are well-staffed, are equipped to help disabled passengers, and provide 24 hours access with roving security patrols. FastTrack’s Sky Park lot has the most budget-friendly rates, but you can also check the individual lots for discounts, coupons, and complimentary parking promotions that are available to frequent customers everyday.

In any case, check and confirm the rates before you place your reservation online. If possible, obtain the details about their rate structure, weekday promotions, security arrangements, valet service, shuttle availability, etc. It would also help if you can take a look at customer reviews of the facility – of course, the best source of information about the service they provide are the past customers.

Once you’ve picked your Newark Airport parking garage, remember to book it before the date of your flight. Air travel to a pleasure or business location is always something that most people, including the most jaded of passengers, look forward to. There’s really no reason to let problems about parking at the airport ruin the experience for you.

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JFK Parking – What You Need to Learn About

JFK Airport Parking Lot. Photo: Tejano Bravo on Flickr.

The John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in Long Island, New York City is listed as the 12th busiest airport on the planet, serving over 45 million passengers last year. It is also the top international access point to the United States, with over 20 million international travelers deplaning at the airport in 2008. Searching for a good JFK parking space is not really that difficult – if you’re familiar with the choices that are accessible to you.

The most convenient parking spots, of course, are in the airport-run central parking facilities. The JFK parking structures are color coded – Green parking (Terminals 1,2,3), Blue parking  (Terminal 4), Yellow parking (Terminals 5 & 6), Orange parking (Terminal 7), Red (Terminals 8 & 9) – each facility corresponding to certain airport terminals. Parking at these central locations could be a bit pricey: $3 for the first half hour, $6 for up to 1 hour, $3 for each additional half hour (up to $33 maximum for every one full day period).

The airport long-term parking facility at Lefferts Blvd may be a more economical alternative at $18 for the first day and $6 for each succeeding 8 hours after the first day. Nonetheless, for those traveling for a number of days or a few weeks, the parking bill could rapidly add up, it’s a lot better to look for parking alternatives at outside locations.

More JFK Parking Information on HubPages

The next JFK parking alternative would be the privately-owned ‘off-airport’ parking lots and garages. There are a number of these facilities only a few minutes away from the airport such as AirPark, Avistar, and SmartPark along Conduit Ave. These are top-notch establishments with very high online ratings by previous patrons. If you’re concerned about parking rates (and who shouldn’t be, these days), these garages are your best option. They provide both short-term and long-term parking , are serviced by frequently-running shuttle vehicles, are used to take care of disabled travelers, and of course, it costs much less to drop-off your car in these garages than at the airport-run facilities.

My favorite alternative is the ‘stay, park, and fly’ JFK parking option offered by the JFK airport hotels. If you think about it, hotel parking is hands down the most comfortable and most cost-effective option. Visualize this, for instance: you live 2 hours drive from the airport and you need to come in for a 6am early morning departure – you’ll have to set the alarm for 2am to be at the airport at least an hour before your plane leaves. In contrast, if you stay at one of the airport hotels the night prior to your flight, you’ll have your full night sleep, and not get to your flight drowsy from being up so early. What’s more: you pay for the room for a restful one-night stay, you’ll also get 7-10 days free parking at the hotel’s parking garage. The savings you’re getting from the free parking is essentially paying for your stay, plus you’ll have first class treatment service and other amenities courtesy of the cutthroat competition these hotels are up against.

Obviously, each of these JFK parking destinations has its own pluses and minuses. Just pick one that feels right according to your budget and the facility’s proximity to the airport . Don’t forget to do your homework beforehand and reserve your parking space well in advance of your scheduled flight. There are plenty of details to worry about on any trip, JFK Airport parking shouldn’t be one of those.

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15 Ways to Save on Your Next Vacation

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