Manchester NH Airport Parking

Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT). Photo: HVS Global Consulting.

Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT) is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, about 50 miles north of Boston. MHT is New England’s fourth busiest airport serving over 3,000,000 travelers annually. There are approximately 7,000 Manchester NH airport parking spots in service, at this time. The following are some of the most popular MHT airport parking choices:

Hourly Parking

MHT Airport’s short-term parking Lot A is located in front of the main airport terminal. It’s the most accessible location but it’s also the the least budget-friendly at $3 per hour with a maximum of $24 for every 24 hours. There’s no overnight parking in this lot and there’s a vehicle height restriction of 6’9” so tall vehicles like buses, RVs, and trucks will not be able to park here. This facility is ideal for quick 3-5 hour stays at the airport.

Daily Parking

The Daily Parking Garage is accessible from the terminal through an elevated pedestrian walkway. This garage has about 4,800 Manchester NH airport parking spaces available to passengers. The parking rate here is $17 per day or $85 weekly.

MHT Long-term Parking

Long-term parking at Manchester Airport is available at Lots C, D, E, F & G. These facilities can be reached via free shuttle service provided by the airport. The cost for daily parking is $10 which is best for travelers looking for inexpensive MHT airport parking.


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Cell Phone Lot

Another short-term Manchester NH airport parking option is the cell phone parking lot. This free lot is on Ammon Dr right next to the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower and the parking garage. It’s a convenient waiting area for drivers who are picking up passengers and are just waiting until the passengers have deplaned. As soon as the passengers have collected their baggage they can call the driver to the terminal curb for pick-up.

Park, Stay, and Fly

There are a number of hotels very close to the airport that provide Manchester NH airport parking. A great example would be the Best Western Executive Court Inn & Conference Center on Willow Street, just a few minutes drive from the main terminal. Hotel patrons will not be charged for parking throughout the duration of their stay. However, for all other parties who want to park at the hotel’s parking lot the  charge would be $6 per day.

If you check in at the hotel for at least one night at the start or when you arrive from your travel, the reduced Park & Stay rate is $4 per day for the duration of your trip when you aren’t renting a room. Of course, for the nights that you’re staying at the hotel , parking is free – regular room rate starts at $99 per night. For a 30-day trip, a one night stay at the hotel to get the reduced parking rate is probably your best parking option.

As we can see with these facilities – from the cell phone lot to the airport hotel parking packages – there are great Manchester NH airport parking options to go with. So get right to it and reserve your ticket from MHT airport and if possible, book your parking spot, as well – it’s not a tough choice to make.

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