Newark Airport Parking – Steps To Economize on Airport Parking Costs

Newark Liberty Airport parking (on-site) map. Map courtesy of:

Newark Airport parking can sometimes be very frustrating to the ill-prepared traveler because of the sheer volume of people converging on the airport. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), along with JFK International Airport (New York Kennedy), and LaGuardia International Airport (LGA), comprises the largest airport grid in the U.S. The EWR-JFK-LGA airports system, which is the main air transport hub in the metropolitan New York-New Jersey area, is next only to the London airport network worldwide, in terms of the total volume of travelers handled every year. In 2009, over 35,000,000 flyers passed through EWR.

There are more than 17,000 Newark Airport parking spots serving airport crews, passengers, and the public at large. This total includes long-term, hourly, and daily parking, both inside the airport complex and at remote private locations. Parking at Newark Airport is uncomplicated and easy, once you know your options.

At $3 for 30 minutes or $6 for every succeeding hour (with a daily cap of $33), short-term EWR parking is provided at Newark Airport parking lots A, B, and C. This is actually the best and easiest option – the lots are located very close to the main terminal – if you’re only sending off or meeting a family member and will be at the airport for no more than 1 or a couple of hours tops.

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For longer parking options, 3 nearby Newark Airport parking facilities offer daily parking arrangements, which are definitely less expensive than the hourly rates mentioned above. Parking daily at lots P1 and P3 is $24. Daily parking at the airport garage called P4 is slightly more costly at $27. This is still a good choice because of the close proximity of those facilities, particularly if you’ll be on the road for no longer than a day or two.

Planning a longer trip? If you’re taking a 7-day Florida vacation, for instance, Newark Airport long-term parking is definitely your best choice. EWR offers a long-term economy parking lot (P6), just a few minutes away via shuttle transportation at the airport’s northeast perimeter on Port St. Parking at P6 costs only $18 per day, which is really still expensive, particularly if you’re looking at a 2-3 weeks travel itinerary.

Another option, if you’re trying to meet a budget on your airport parking costs, are the off-airport parking lots and garages. There are several nearby premium parking facilities that you might want to check out, like the FastTrack and Avistar lots along Carnegie Ave and the Avistar and AirPark facilities along McClellan St. These are well-maintained parking garages and lots serviced by free shuttle transportation running in a few minutes interval, are well-staffed, are equipped to help disabled passengers, and provide 24 hours access with roving security patrols. FastTrack’s Sky Park lot has the most budget-friendly rates, but you can also check the individual lots for discounts, coupons, and complimentary parking promotions that are available to frequent customers everyday.

In any case, check and confirm the rates before you place your reservation online. If possible, obtain the details about their rate structure, weekday promotions, security arrangements, valet service, shuttle availability, etc. It would also help if you can take a look at customer reviews of the facility – of course, the best source of information about the service they provide are the past customers.

Once you’ve picked your Newark Airport parking garage, remember to book it before the date of your flight. Air travel to a pleasure or business location is always something that most people, including the most jaded of passengers, look forward to. There’s really no reason to let problems about parking at the airport ruin the experience for you.

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